The healthcare industry is highly regulated; therefore, it is essential to ensure patient safety, maintain a secure work environment for staff, and provide security for handling confidential patient information. BRS understands the complex State and Federal background check compliance requirements for licensed and non-licensed healthcare employees. The screening process is easy and convenient for potential candidates and hiring managers.

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Conducting comprehensive background checks on faculty, staff, and students is critical for providing a secure campus environment, while also protecting the integrity and reputation of the institution. BRS has experience in providing tailored comprehensive solutions to develop a thorough screening program that best meets your institution’s needs.

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Small Businesses

A bad hire can be devastating. Understanding background check needs and hiring decisions is critical to a successful operation. BRS provides flexible cost-effective screening solutions that help minimize the budget and maximize profit.



Customer satisfaction drives financial growth while demanding excellent reliable service. Since turnover and seasonal hiring patterns means the need to screen large numbers of candidates quickly, finding the right employee is a valuable tool. BRS provides screening solutions to help fit the right person into the right position.

Non-Profit Organizations

Non-Profit Organizations

Nonprofits and volunteer organizations often serve vulnerable populations and their success is subject to the hard work of trustworthy, qualified volunteers and/or employees. Background checks are often necessary to ensure safety of the population served and ongoing charitable funding. Comprehensive screening solutions help reduce liability, avoid lawsuits, and protect assets while maintaining reputation and integrity.

Manufacturing / Construction

Manufacturing / Construction

The labor market is competitive and seeking properly skilled and qualified employees is difficult. Juggling staff, budget constraints, contract deadlines, and safety concerns is vital to company success. BRS can provide the screening solution to find the right candidate and maintain a trained and competent workforce.

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Cost, accuracy, and speed of service determine success by placing the right candidate into a position with minimal notice. Timing is crucial, don’t let a slow and cumbersome background screening process delay hiring. BRS can simplify the process, helping screen more candidates quicker.

Energy and Petroleum

Energy and Petroleum

Industry clients rely on highly skilled, safe, and dedicated employees to keep delicate systems operating properly. A comprehensive background check is vital to guarantee a workforce that can safely operate expensive equipment, sustain an accident-free workplace, and work in accordance with Department of Energy regulations.

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Tenant Screening

Signing a tenant contract to allow someone access to your property can be a risky and costly proposition. Conducting a comprehensive background and credit screening is important for protecting the landlord, property manager, and the apartment. BRS will work with owners and leasing managers to improve the quality of tenants and minimize risks.

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The financial service industry is subject to complex regulatory compliance requirements regarding information security and business ethics while needing to protect clients, capital, and reputation. BRS can provide a customized solution to help make informed hiring and risk decisions.

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